Richlea Bakery
Ladner's Local Bakery

Serving Ladner for 23 years and counting!


In 1971, Richlea Bakery's "Cake Maker" Uli Beutel and his wife Emmi Beutel, moved their family from Germany to Canada. His father had been a baker in Germany, so it made sense for Uli to continue in this trade.  Three years later Uli and Emmi bought Host's Bakery and ran that for ten years.  Thirty-Three years ago, they bought Richlea Bakery, on Number Three Road and Williams Road in Richmond.  After ten years in Richmond, they decided to move to the quaint little community of Ladner, where they have flourished for the last twenty-three years.  Uli's son Ray and his wife Lynette took over the bakery thirteen years ago and continue to own it today.  Richlea Bakery is a local bakery full of rich history.  Ray "The Baker" Beutel continues to strive to serve the wonderful people of Ladner and all surrounding areas to the very best of his ability.  Come and check out their wonderful variety of goodies from breads and buns to cakes and sweet treats.  You won't be disappointed


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